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Celebrations, Surprises, and the Importance of Buying Local

17 April 2010

Birthday Roses

“Make sure you’re ready to answer the door” my husband said. “Huh?” I replied, clueless as to why I would answer the door when his office is on the 1st floor and mine on the 3rd.

A few hours later I heard a voice calling out and descended the stairs to discover a man holding a lovely bouquet of flowers. A gorgeous arrangement in yellow and white. With a bow. And a card. A wonderful surprise delivered by our local florist.

Have you ever received flowers-by-mail? I did, once. I happened to be out of town on my birthday and my daughter decided to order flowers from one of the flowers-by-mail companies. She meant well, and I love her dearly, but this is not the way to show someone you care.

Rather than receiving a lovely arrangement, I received a do-it-yourself-project-in-a-box. The first challenge was figuring out how I was going to remove the contents since they were secured with tie wraps — not the twisty kind, but the kind you need to cut with a scissors or very sharp knife. Such things are not typically part of my travel kit. The nice person at the front desk found some scissors for me and back to my room I went. I was still puzzled, however. There were some flowers, a small basket, and a tiny vase. There was no picture to show me what my DIY project was supposed to look like when completed, and the vase didn’t actually stand up when placed in the basket. What was supposed to be a wonderful surprise turned into a frustrating experience.

Sure, I was in a town that neither or us were really familiar with but with one call to the hotel she could have asked about a recommended local florist or two. And I would have received an instant bit of cheer to brighten my day and the rest of my stay.

When we owned our restaurant we would frequently order flowers from our local florist for our staff and special customers. As the economy started to go south, so did our florist, and within a few months we were without a vital member of our business community — one that we could always rely on to put together just the right arrangement for the person and the occasion. I’m not saying you should buy more flowers (although you definitely should if you can afford it!) but when you do buy flowers, buy local.

Be sure to check out the 3/50 Project for more information on supporting locally-owned businesses.

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